History of our group

We started out as a group of drum enthusiasts who were eager to find a way to not only play drums, but also learn new skills and new tunes. We saw the value of drum circles, but we wanted something more focused on learning. Some of us were attending various drum classes. But not all of us could, and the drum classes tended to dispense of lots of information but lack a structure to reinforce actual practices. So we got together to fill that gap, to meet regularly as a study group, and practice what we learned from the classes.

We kept at it and gradually we realized our unique strength – we learned THROUGH each other. We were each at a different level of proficiency at drumming skills and knowledge. But each of us had been exposed to different things related to drumming. And none of us ‘knew it all.’ By sharing what we knew best with the rest, we got clarity on what we knew, while at the same time helped the rest of the group learn what we knew. Plus, we realized that, playing as a group was completely different than practicing alone. We not only learned how to play better individually, but also became better at listening to other players. Gradually, we were able to get past playing different parts of a rhythm, and started to play for music.

Inevitably, we ran into typical challenges facing any group of drummers – personality clashes, ego trips, you name it. Together we realized that the benefit from practicing together in a mutually respectful way completely outweighs the conflicts. That was the point when we got together and decided to agree upon a set of rules of conduct that would help us all through those challenges. It seemed to have worked and we have been drumming together since 2016 now!

Progression of the group:

We have been often surprised and encouraged that, we must have been progressing quite rapidly because we have been invited to perform for public shows in theaters. With these experiences under our belt, we are getting more and more serious and ambitious in our learning. So much so, we started to call ourselves a band. Knowing our working class root, for our first public performance, we called ourselves NQT Drummers, or Not Quite There Drummers. It not only kept ourselves humble, but also produced good laughs when we were introduced at the show, as well as surprises when we actually delivered!

We were quite pumped up by the surprising success of our first public appearance. We auditioned for a Talent Show right after that and we got in on the spot! By the time we got to perform at that show, we already progressed to be BTB Drummers, or Better Than Before Drummers ☺

We will remain humble in our learning, and open to more ambitious undertakings.







The Band