Life As is the second phase of a project space that once was known as LiVE WORK. Its vision of an ideal world is one that consists of individuals at various levels of evolutional enlightenment, and each individual is aware of their level and aspires to higher level of enlightenment. It believes that a society of happy individuals is less prone to conflicts, and a happy individual is one who sees their own nature, and therefore is willing and able to embrace what life is offering them at the moment, and to celebrate life as an integral part of their own being.

As such, Life As project space supports activities that embrace life with a creative enthusiasm. It promotes experimental works in the areas of art performance, musical events, theatrical works, spiritual journeying, and other time-based works. It creates an environment that fosters creativity by emphasizing the process instead of the product, valuing experiences more than objects. It also provides mini-residencies to support special works that require the artists to be on site for a short period of time.


Contact: Michael Zheng, 510-468-0702.
Address: 1018 N Humboldt St, San mateo, CA 94401


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