What Do You See WithYour Eyes Closed?

Intervention Performance at Berkeley Art Museum
Every Wednesday from 11am-5pm, Five months 4/9/2014 - 9/10/2014

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Half Lotus Position All the Way Through

During the six-month long exhibition of “Deities, Demons and Teachers of Tibet, Nepal and India” at BAM, every Wednesday of each week, I sat in a meditation pose next to the Prajnaparamita statue (which is also in meditation pose) from the time the Museum door opened till it closed. I remained in one posture, either sitting in half-lotus, or lying facedown with legs crossed as if having just fallen from the lotus pose. My eyes were closed all the time. A couple of pillows were put on the floor where audience could participate in the meditation. I had no interactions with the audience otherwise.



Check out a Blog written by Berkeley Art Museum about my intervention.

Here is an Interview on KUSF-in-Exile on Aug 10, 2014.
(Two hours long, covering wide subjects. I entered after about 10 minutes of introduction by the Hostess on the latest discoveries on meditation.)