Fitting In

Part of the "Performaning Politics"
Organized by Art Practical
Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco
May 2011

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"Performing Politics" was an afternoon of performance and discussion that took place on May 8, 2011 in the Yud Gallery at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Participating artists include Ana Teresa Fernandez, Philip Huang, Julio Cesar Morales, and Wafaa Yasin. I was invited by the Art Practical to do an unannounced intervention performance. The Museum wasn't notified of my performance.

The Yud Gallery is a very irregularly shaped space, with barely any right-angled wall connections. While the other performances were happening, I tried to fit my body into the nooks and cranies in the Gallery.

The performance was stopped by the Museum staff while I was trying to fit myself into one of the diamond shaped windows. They threatened if I didn't stop, they'd have to stop the entire event. I decided to crawl into a fetal position at that corner for the rest of the performance event.

Photo credit: Karla Milosevich and Smitty Weygant