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  Clark Buckner " Among all the “post-conceptual” projects undertaken at MISSION 17, none has borne the mark of conceptual art’s legacy as obviously as Michael Zheng’s As The Butterfly Said to Chuang Tzu. Within the framework of my curatorial practice, the show marks something of a limit, which defines the “conceptual” within the “post-conceptual.” Nevertheless, aspects of the show were decidedly beautiful. Zheng’s articulation of his ideas remained rooted in, and dependent upon an aesthetic encounter. And the intellectual enjoyment provided by the show often had a distinctly affective quality. Despite its epistemological orientation, one might say, the show was poetic. As the Butterfly Said to Chuang Tzu thus provides a rich occasion to explore the relationship between ideas and aesthetic enjoyment in contemporary art. Does the media matter in Zheng’s work? Does it merely serve ideas, which otherwise remain independent of it? If not, what is the relationship in Zheng’s art between thought and aesthetic enjoyment? And what does this imply about the force of concepts in art today? -- excerpt from the essay by Clark Buckner" "The Artist, the Sage, and the Butterfly: Ideas and Aesthetic Enjoyment in 'Post-Conceptual' Art", essay for As the Butterfly Said to Chuang Tzu

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Art For Sale! selected as the No.2 "Best Art Shows of 2005" by Pravda Magazine, Lithuania.
2005Milda Kuizinaite, Lietuvos Rytas, (on Art For Sale!), Sostine p.8, September 29, Lithuania

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Radio Interviews

  Interviewed by Pheonix Catsinger on "Liquid Konspiracy" of KUSF-in-exile, August 10, 2014, on the occasion of my performance at Berkeley Art Museum, "What do you see with your eyes closed?" I entered after about 10 minutes of introduction by the hostess on the new discoveries on meditation. The interview is 120minutes long.

  [sic], my run-ins with yoga, meditation, etc. 2019 (Available on Amazon.com)

As the Butterfly Said To Chuang Tzu,
a project with MISSION17, 2006 (download for free.)

Michael Zheng: Selected Works (2001 - 2006), self published with Lulu.com.

The Universe Is Built On A Plan, published by SAVVY Contemporary, 2012

Nomadic Settlers - Settled Nomads, a project of Kunstraum Bethanien / Kreuzberg and SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, published by Revolver Publishing, 2011

Positioning Osmotic Impulses, a project of SAVVY Contemporary, 2012

Multiple Realities, a project with F2 Gallery, Beijing, China, 2008